APEC Online-to-Offline (O2O) Initiative

With the rapid development of mobile internet, the fast integration of e-commerce and mobile payment technology, O2O is rapidly becoming a new business mode with huge market potential in the APEC region. For reference, there were 102 mobile phones for every 100 individuals in APEC in 2013 (APEC in Charts 2014, PSU), and the e-commerce platform such as Alibaba of China broke sales records with up to 9.5 billion USD in its “Singles' Day” and approximately 50% of the transactions were made through mobile devices.
Although SMEs account for 98 per cent of total businesses and the growth of the intra-APEC trade is more robust than APEC’s trade with the rest of the world, their share of direct exports is still relatively low at 35 per cent or less (2014 APEC PSU Report) and only 20–25% of SMEs’ APEC emerging economies have employed e-commerce business, compared to 75% in the US (2014 APEC CEO Survey).


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